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What is peoples opinions in using a used bucket seat ? I have read and heard mixed opinions in regards to the matter and others say yes , but depending on x, y ,z and others say no .

Also lets say a mixed use vehicle that is used 50% daily , 50% track/uphill/downhill , would a fiberglass seat be better or a steel frame one ? Both FIA approved .


Fiberglass is considerably lighter...

TBH, I'd be a bit cautious about buying a s/h seat unless I knew the history of it, and was confident with the reputation of the manufacturer. The first because if it had been in an accident, or abused, there could be unseen damage weakening the frame, the second because some brands/models are rather poorly made (I know of one instance where one was broken by someone trying to force their way past to get something behind it), and certainly more oriented to the 'looks' than function.

I'm making a point of those because the seat is a critical safely feature. Not only does the rigidity (stiffness) provide critical feedback, but in a crash the seat-belts are holding you in position against the seat and, if it fails, the seatbelts can't do their job restraining you properly, especially if there's a rear impact and/or roll.

Thank you for the replies . Those were exaclty some of the key points that I also have heard and read . I was also told to preffer fiberglass than tube as depending on the crash the tube might bend and cause issues with the belts etc. .

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