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Coil Over/Shock Angle

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Just wanted to hear what others think of Coil Over/ Dampener Angle?

Ive read that shocks(or Dampeners) work best if they are as close to vertical but due to "packaging restraints" they readily are on a road car. The further from 0 degrees vertical, the more Dampening effectiveness decreases.

You don't often hear of people changing their Dampener angles due to mounting pick up points but just wanted to know if this is taken into consideration on a proper race car?

It's not strictly the angle the damper is mounted at, but rather the motion ratio that's important (motion ratio being the relation ship between movement at the wheel and movement at the damper). We can compromise the ability of the damper to do its job properly if the motion ratio severely restricts the movement of the damper - You could liken it to an issue of resolution. You can guarantee that this is accounted for in the design of any race car.

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