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Coolant swirl pot

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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to get some advice on my swirl pot design. Trying to combine header tank and swirl pot.

Do you guys see any issues that could arise from the below.



Hi did you end up running this successfully? Most people are running their bottom port pre thermostat from what I have seen. I am hoping to run mine between thermostat and pump like in your image.

Yes, I didn't see this post before, and the thermostat is normally fitted on the engine > radiator path, because that's easily the most reliable and works best.

Some manufacturers have the thermostat on the radiator > engine path, and those engines are known to have multiple cooling issues. IIRC, the thermostats aren't a conveninion design, but are there to regulate the amount of cool coolant entering the engine which is blended with the coolant recirculating within the engine, to get a more stable coolant temperature in the engine - it's very similar to the temperature control for modern heaters. In theory, it's a very good idea, but...

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