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Cooler ducting options and it’s aero effect

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Hi everyone.

Ive been looking over my e30 recently and trying to decide where to place my oil cooler and by effect it’s ducting.

as per the YouTube video on the sr86 the front corners would be one option and venting out the side. My issue here is I don’t plan to run two coolers as I don’t think I’ll need it only having approx 300hp. So I feel the venting will unbalance the aero. Possibly?

secondly it’s common to place the cooler in behind the front grill. This has the problem of placing the cooler in front of the radiator. Which as we know could preheat the cooler air for the radiator.

thirdly. The stock location in the lower front bumper could be used. From factory this is a problem as it has no direct route for air to flow out. Just smashes into a lower radiator support panel and goes where it will. However! My thought was this. Given the initial ducting is good. The cooler to protected from the ground via support panels. I could mount a cooler on a angle and vent it out under the car via the under car splitter. This is used on road cars like the e60 m5 and onwards. My question is however. Is there any negative aero effects on a racing format that I can’t see or understand.

an advice here would be appreciated.



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