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I do not know if Racecraft will be dealing with aero mods but would like to post a question in regards to them . What would be the right way to design one ?

When it comes to a diffuser , would more fins be better or even 1 on each side be enough ? How much foward of the car should the splitter exceed ? Are winglets and canards useful ?

For the majority of people we do not have access to a wind tunel so we can not perform any test , besides trial and error .

Thank you

One of my favorite YouTube channels is called Kyle Engineers. He's a motorsports engineer (aerodynamicist by all accounts) who is now in a big league job, so the channel is stagnant. None the less, there is a TON of wonderful information on there and he dives into aero pretty deeply.


My day job is as an engineering consultant who works in simulation tools. If you'd like to see anything specific, let's see if we can't get a model and get some experimenting going on!

Hi Dimitrios, we may add aerodynamics into the courses at some point (although I'm the first to admit that I don't have much knowledge in this area so I would not be the tutor!). In the mean time I can suggest you check out this resource as they also offer online courses: [url=https://www.aerodesign.com.au/racecaraero/?device=c&network=g&keyword=%2Brace%20%2Bcar%20%2Baerodynamics&creative406837386207&placement=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4IT-l8TF5wIV1SMrCh0iCAGNEAAYASAAEgLm-_D_BwE]https://www.aerodesign.com.au/racecaraero/?device=c&network=g&keyword=%2Brace%20%2Bcar%20%2Baerodynamics&creative406837386207&placement=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4IT-l8TF5wIV1SMrCh0iCAGNEAAYASAAEgLm-_D_BwE

On my Mini i run a Challenge rear diffuser which I'm pretty sure makes a difference to how planted the rear is at speed. Plus the amount of crap kicked up onto the back of the car compared to the normal one suggests it works in some capacity at least. I'm looking to get a front undertray on it too so that the only non flat surface on the bottom of the car would be the exhaust tunnel as it currently has undertrays running either side of that and the diffusers run from them to the back of the car.

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