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Dynatune Suspension Design Software

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Tim, do you have any experience or recommendations regarding Dynatune Suspension Design software?


Hi James, you sent me down a bit of a rabbit hole with that one, it's not a company I had heard of until you brought it up. I have used a number of similar style tools in the past but none of these.

After reading through a fair bit of their documentation, it certainly seems like it's worth a look and play around. If the tools are easy to use and post-process well then the prices seem pretty reasonable too!

I have jumped down that rabbit hole myself. I had a look at the demo software and it convinced me to spend some money. I will report back once I have had a chance to play around a bit. The use of the Excel calculation engine is clever, but the user interface is very far beyond anything I thought Excel was capable of supporting.

I've used quite a few complex Excel-based software tools over the years, when things get large they often become quite unstable. In saying that, most were made by mechanical engineers like me, so maybe they never really had a chance 😅.

Certainly interested in what your experience is with the software after you've spent some time with it.

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