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EGT sensors broken, can I test without them?

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Hi, so I broke the drive shaft and it fell over the EGT sensors, and they are gone... Im in the middle of the tuning process and the part number is back-ordered in my country, which means ill take months to get here.

The real question is, is it safe to do some pulls and logs without them? I know EGT is used in a few tables on my ECU, like what's the worst it can happen? go into limp mode?

Platform: EA888 Gen4 Simos19.6

I don't have experience with that particular unit sans EGT probes, but I would do a pull and see how the vehicle behaves.

Behaved normally, not sure why or how lol

EGT badly depends on fuel quality and octane rating in particular. Sometimes I come across situations when I cannot advance ignition timing any farther due to knocking but EGT stays too high. When I switch a fuel station and find better fuel with the same advertised octane rating what allows me to advance ignition timing and reduce EGT. So if you're sure which fuel type is getting the job done for you it's safe to tune without EGT sensor, otherwise you absolutely need it.


Good work. In that case the sensor may only be present to provide an error if temperature goes out of the expected range.

It may also play an active role in engine control, but perhaps not under the conditions you've encountered thus far. For example, perhaps at extremely high temperature it causes the ECU to perform a derate to cool things down. As you push the engine harder you may run into this, so I would keep that info in your back pocket, just in case it turns out to be present on your application.

Are you going through your local dealer/supplier - EGT senders are relatively universal, if you know what you need you should be able to order on-line, or by 'phoning, from multitple other international suppiers.

@georg1970 - That makes sense, ill keep that in mind

@MikeMcGinnis - My version of the car runs 2 EGT sensors, and it seems like 1 is still working because I'm getting readings from one, so that might be enough not to limit the ECU, or I'm not pushing the temperature limits as you said.

@Gord - I've tried every option in my country and they don't have them (too new), but I do have one on the way from an international supplier it's just going to take around a month to arrive.

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