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ecently I had an idea that I think is great, but I am not equipped to bring it to existence.

Most lightly to moderately tuned vehicles use exhausts that are too large, too loud or too expensive. Even as you read this, you might think to yourself that's a bunch of BS. Bigger is always better. It's certainly the easiest way to make sure we got rid of obstructions in flow. It's however not the most cost effective or ecological way or popular within your community.

Reason most people end up with diameters too large is lack of information and round up for good measure. Most manufacturers themselves don't bother calculating anything either.

What I was thinking about was a simple app where you enter basic parameters such as cubic cubic capacity, compression ratio, boost level if boosted... Basically whatever the brains that wrote the calculator need for the most accurate result within reason.

Next step for calculating would be the exhaust itself. Starting from the front you would need to enter approximate diameter of tubing used, the length of sections, type and diameter of catalytic converter, bends and their degrees, silencers you might want to use etc.

Divided into sections. Exhaust manifold, downpipe, downpipe-cat, cat to rear axle, axle back. Just an example.

On the screen you would basically see underbody of a generic car, then tap on a sextion you wish to adjust. There would be a set minimum of data you must enter for any sort of result and the more you enter the more accurate the end result.

What is the result? A minimum exhaust diameter section pro section and a chance to play with different amounts or sizes of silencers, bends, backboxes. All to shed weight off the exhaust and make packaging easier. Because sometimes a 4inch just won't fit, and it's moat likely not needed either.

Would anyone be interested in developing this? We would need an app developer and obviously an engineer that can calculate flow proficiently.

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