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Fuel filters - highflow required?

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Hey guys,

I got an s13 sr22ve+t build I'm working on.

At what fuel flow/hp have people typically found the stock fuel filters are worth upgrading?

I can imagine the radium high flow filters would have less pressure drop, in my mind I don't see that as a huge issue for cars under 500hp at least.

Other consideration would be the filtration of the fuel. I don't have much knowledge on what the oem filters are capable of and what is required.



Or are people just going to these AN fuel filters because they have bigger AN6 AN8 fuel lines so can't use the stock fuel filters.

I'm not convinced that bigger fuel lines are required. I need to run some calculations unless someone else has...


I'm often updating the filter to something compatible with ethanol anyway, but yes if upgrading lines I'd absolutely switch to a serviceable high flow filter. Radium, Fuelab, Injector Dynamics all have all fuels capable options with 6ish micron filtration which is appropriate for modern injectors.

On an S13 my cutoffs would be anything E85 is going in, or anything over 400 whp on gas, but the filter is often old and needs replaced, so I just have people upgrade it anyway.

One point to consider is that a "high flow" filter will almost always have a much bigger filter element, and going oversize on what would be acceptable will give a much greater 'dirt loading' before significant pressure drop is reached and/or allow the use of a much finer filtration element while minimising the pressure drop through the filter assembly.

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