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Fuel tech instead hondata

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Hi my name is Jonathan I'm trying to install fuel tech in my Acura tsx 2005, I wondering what's the best way to do it, working with the original harness? To install k pro in this car is required a dual ECU harness adapter and flash the stock ECU that's what Hondata say, can some one help me please? Thanks in advance I'm learning English at same time that I'm learning here


Welcome! You've really gone for it. Generally a standalone ECU is installed as a full replacement for the stock computer. Are you attempting to retain the stock computer to keep the cluster working or for other reasons?

Hi good morning, the way to install Hondata k pro in my car make me confused because Hondata instructions are use both ecus, I think is because my car is drive by wire and kpro is for cable, plus the vehicle stability assist for some reson have to be working with the stock ecu, here is a screenshot of the pdf.

I seen ft450 doesn't soport drive by wire but ft550 does but I still don't know if can replace my stock ecu, I hope you can make me understand

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Here is another guy similar than me:

but I think he is going to use Hondata with dual harness... And I want an standalone I like fuel tech but I'm open to any recommendation

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Hondata stopped offering Kpro for TSX years ago. Instead they offer the flashpro which facilitates custom reflash tuning.

Flashpro would avoid DBW and stability control concerns. Is there a function it does not have which you feel you need?

For flash pro I need a 07-08 ECU manual and is hard to find. The automatic one works but the reverse lookout doesn't work and I don't want to miss shifting between 5-6. That's why I started thinking to get a standalone but I want to make sure If I need to connect together with the stock ECU or if it can replace the stock ECU at all? I think an option for me it's a FT550 or what standalone do you recommend for this situation? Thanks for answering you help a lot, I don't want to mistake choosing the right setup

By putting a standalone on that car you'll run into a lot more situations where functionality is lost like cluster, the shift lockout, and more. The integration of CAN on modern cars is significant.

What mods are you planning to install that you feel you might need a standalone ECU?

I understand, I think I'll go to get a flash pro with the manual ECU 2007-2008 with the can adapter kit I found one for 600$ eBay. I'm going to install a turbocharger, at 10psi gas pump and 20psi e85. I don't think I need a standalone it's just the hard to find a 2007-2008 manual ECU plus I think fuel teach in special is cool for the way looks and the features on ft550 made me want it.


Great. I think this is a much better route for you. Tuning the car itself is a lot when you're learning, so not having to figure out custom CAN to make the cluster etc. seems a good move. You can always dive deeper into more advanced work later.

Thank you very much I will study hard while modifing my tsx, so far is stock. just installed type s oil pump on the motor yesterday

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