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Hi we are running a 1982 group C Car at Daytona this weekend and the rear right tyre is blistering on the inside edge after only 6 laps, what can we do to stop this.

Stiffer RR spring, increase tire pressure, reduce rear downforce. Be sure the check you are running close to 0 rear toe.

Tire supplier may have recommendations too.

What is the tyre wear like, across the tread?

Blistering is usually caused by overheating below the tyre surface, which is usually cause by escess internal flexing and/or loading, so you may need to look at it from that perspective - reducing that heat build up.

A touch less negative camber, softer rear spring and/or ARB, etc. There are many things that could be done, trick is to avoid compromising something else while doing so.

Gord, Daytona is about high forces on the Right Rear tire under the extreme banking. There are always special recommendations from the tire suppliers to handle the banking. I suggested increased spring rate to reduce any camber gain. More tire pressure to prevent the tire from flexing. Both typical recommendations on high-banked tracks.

Yup, I'm very well aware of that, they were further comments because he specified the inner edge rather than the tyre as a whole. Simply increasing the roll resistance would, indeed, reduce the camber gain but that would actually mean the inner edge would be even more highly loaded unless the camber was reduced to keep the tread surface more evenly loaded.

The Daytona road course does seem to use almost all the banked track, with just a little respite to the tyres, and increasing the pressures would certainly be an expected action to take, even if the tyre providers don't give a minimum pressure.

You may remember the fiasco a few years ago when only 6 cars competed in the F1 race because of the tyre loadings causing failures on the Indy banking?

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