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Help with AEM 506 setup on a 2002 Lexus IS300

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Ok, once had this started off the AEM 506, was not running well had two dead cylinder due to injectors. Replaced the injector with FIC 525cc injectors, now I can not get it started off the AEM. Vehicle will start and run off the stock ECU it's not happy but runs. Went through all the wiring and all is good, even paid for an e-tune (I know but I just wanted to run) Still crank no start, talked with Brewed Motorsports told me your getting closer (e-tune from them) no further help from them. No tuner wants to touch until its running off the AEM. I'm not ready to fully tune a vehicle I still have a lot to learn. I feel like the problem is in the setup wizard with the cam, crank and stepper. I've looked at forms, tried FB pages and no one wants to help and have just been bullied and shamed because I'm a auto tech and can not fix my own vehicle. Gave up on it and was just going to just sell it but, I've put way too much money and time into this as we all do here. So just need a little help getting the base tune set right so it runs off the AEM. I used the setup for the Supra instructions from AEM. I feel like the cam and crank values are not correct or not selected the correct sensor.

The cam/crank set to: Toyota Supra 2JZ GTE VVT-I

Crank Noise Cancellation 70

Cam 1 Noise Cancellation 70

VR_PwnDuty 60.0 95.0

0.0 500.00

Trigoffset = 23.00

CamSyncAdjustment = 11.00

idle Stepper max step = 33

Just need to get this started so I can get it to the tuner and start enjoying my vehicle again.

It sounds like the issue is most likely centred around your trigger setup. Unfortunately (at least last time I used one), the Infinity doesn't offer a 'trigger scope' function to make diagnosis of issues easy. I haven't dealt with a IS300 myself but it appears that the engine 'should' be the same as the Supra 2JZ VVTi so on face value it looks like that selection is correct. However I had a quick look through the manual and I think AEM have different pins assigned for reluctor vs hall/optical sensors so I'd start by ensuring you've wired to the correct input (reluctor for the 2JZ). Next up your noise cancellation appears to be about double what it should be. Admittedly it's not very intuitive but there's a section in the manual on page 259 describing how to set this value. I went through this for the 36-2 crank wheel and at 7500 the maximum value calculates out to 35, not 70. In reality this value is also a maximum and may need to be 2-3 times smaller depending on signal noise.

Ultimately you should be seeing a stable rpm on the laptop during cranking which is realistic (probably 150-300 rpm). There is also a 'sync state' channel that should show when the ECU has achieved synchronisation. If you're not seeing a stable rpm and achieving sync then the engine won't run. If both of these check out and you still can't get the engine to run then you may have the timing out which you can check with a timing light on #1 coil. The process is outlined in the manual so check there if you haven't done this before.

Let us know how you get on.

Still no engine speed, started over imported calibration Toyota Supra MKIV V96.5, changed over to waste spark, change fuel injectors to FIC 525cc @ 43.5%, change cam noise to 35 on both, and now have engine speed at 400 rpms, still crank no start and have CrankTimingError0. Getting closer What should the trigger off set and the Cam sync should be at have them still at 23 and 11? Timing is good, wiring is good, have good crank and cam waveforms when running off the stock ecu.

Went through the AEM module last night I think that I can get this, going to try again this weekend I will let you know how it goes.

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