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How to safely use jack stands

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Hi Racecrafters!

Before doing anything under my car, i need to safely jack it and place it on jack stands.

While I thought to know how to use a jack and jack stands properly, my actual car is worrying me and doing some online researches hasn't helped because I found opposite opinions.

I would really like to hear your opinion/experiences since working under a car could be really dangerous if not properly supported.

My car is a Toyota GT86, it has a pinch weld on the underside. You can find a picture of the pinch weld attached below.

I currently own a set of four A jack stands. You can find a picture of them attached below.

I have only lifted and supported my car 2 times putting it on all 4 jack stands and the pinch weld is slightly bent.

I thought it's not good to put all that weight on a point which is really really small.

So I googled "jack stands" and saw type B jack stands.

They have a rubber adapter to accommodate the pinch weld in its half and support the car as in picture C.

Please notice that the pinch weld is not hitting the bottom of the slot and all the weight is distributed on the bigger area.

I initially thought that it was the safer way to go, safer for me and for my car.

Then I read this on a forum:

"Just make sure the pinch weld is hitting the bottom of the slot before the top of the block touches the sheet metal on both sides of the pinch weld. The area on both sides of the pinch weld is NOT strong enough to support the weight of the car and will crush... the weight of the car must be on the bottom edge of the pinch weld."

You'll say that I am overthinking BUT I believe that jacking up a car is an important part with possibile dangers and is crucial to do it right.

What do you think? I would like to know the truth!

Attached Files

Here is a picture of the pinch weld.

Attached Files

What method, and placement, does the OEM car jack use - it should be in the hand-book.

Hi Mattia,

I know from experience that the GT86 is quite soft in this area and it is easy to damage. The factory sills are made to fit into the slot on the factory scissor jack which has a slot in it from memory, if you take a look at it you should see that.

One way to avoid problems with damaging the sills is to put the jack stands on another strong part of the car like the subframes for example, rather than the sills. You just need to make sure the location you choose is secure so there is no way for the jack stand to slip.

Thank you again, Tim!

Do you always place the jack stands under the subframe while working on your GT86?

In one of the videos shooted on track, I saw the orange jack stands with no rubber insert... So you always avoid putting them under the lifting points?

Just to understand better.

If the next time you're working on the GT86, you remember of your Italian friend Mattia with a lot of questions and take a picture of where to place jack stands, I would be so happy! :D

It depends on the situation for the position of the jack stands. I went down to the workshop and took a picture of the jack stands we use just for you!

You can see that they are flat on the top. In my experience with the GT86's as long as you are careful, you can use these jack stands in the original jacking location on the sills, I just let the car down onto them gently.

In some situations, it is best to put them on the subframes, as you know they will not crush anything in a strong part of the subframe! It is mostly a case of what is most practical and easiest at the time.


Hi Tim, you have been so great, I really want to thank you for the effort!

You have got really big jack stands, are they like 6 tons (6000 kg)?

In about a week I should free myself from university exam (just for a little time) and I'll definitely lift my car and look for a safe and convenient spot on the subframe!

This is an interesting question. I have no input, just came here to express my interest

Mattia, they are rated to 4000kg each according to the label. Good to have some safety margin and use good quality tools!

Thank you - as always - Tim!

Have you seen these? They're awesome, and they sell pads for the 86.


Thanks for sharing Paul, these look pretty great

Hi Wulfweard! I was looking for a new set of jack stands and your post had a perfect timing! I think i'll have a try :)

Thanks mate!

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