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I just want to thank you!

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Hello guys,

after completing ECU tuning courses at hpacademy I am able not only build my engine but also safely and reliably tune my supercharged gt86. From scratch. And I would say, I understand it thoroughly from many different aspects. All thanks to you.

Now, I have a "lot" of power under the hood, so this courseware you are preparing is next logical step for me as I see that car alignment skills is what I am missing.

King regards,


I also want to express my gratitude!

I have always preferred a good handling car over a powerful one. This site is exactly what I've been wanting! I cannot wait to see what other courses you have in store for us.

Hi Jan and Anthony, thanks for your kind words! We're really excited about Racecraft and can't wait to develop more courses. I'm sure you will be happy with what we have planned.

yup thanks guys this is awesome !!! always paid for wheel alighnments and not known how to change on the fly or taken it back to shop and paid again. Just baught a EG civic with b18cr and all adjusty suspension so for the cost of 2 or so wheel alignments ill be doing em myself and making adjustments on the fly at the track - wooooooppppp !! Cheers Andre and team - fantastic idea and course looks amazing and extremly informative as per all HPA courses :)

Chiming in here to say thanks as well. My background was engineering, but there's still a large gap to close from power plants to motorsports. HPA has been essential in helping get where I wanted to be and now I find myself being asked to do more along the lines of what this site will offer as well.

Huge thanks to everyone involved, looking forward to learning a lot more here.

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