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Motec C125 User Condition logic

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I was trying to set up a User condition with my C125 that could be used to trigger one of the shift lights when I have done a good sector.

I thought about using Split Time, but couldn't see how to compare this to the ref lap.

Then I tried to get it to work for just the lap just using the lap gain/loss final channel - I think I know what I did wrong with this logic - (pic 1).

I can't simulate lap times with the dash (please let me know if there is a way I can do this), would anyone be able to confirm if the following logic might work (pic 2);

Lap Gain/Loss Running < 0 and Split Time Updated

This should activate the channel when the split time is updated and the lap gain/loss running channel is less than 0 - meaning, for each sector I should be able to trigger a light to come up on the dash.

I have the off condition set so it should turn off at the next braking zone.

Make sense?

Hi Shane,

Unless I am missing something, I think you should be able to do this by track distance. In the past when I have programmed light logic for different areas of the track I manually program the split intervals by distance gates. It means you have to manually update these gates for each track you go to though.

From there, maybe you can save/record the lap gain/loss you have at the start of that sector and do a running comparison to the live gain/loss (offset by the gain/loss you had at the start of the sector). I'd have to try programming it myself to figure out the logic, but asking Motec directly could be a good idea if you can't think of a way to directly access and process the channels you need?

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