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Nissan Stagea c34 Rs4 Automatic

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I have for a wile now been trying to finde a ECU that i can use with my RB25det s2 and automatic gearbox.

Im not realy looking to pull alout of power, but want to get rid of the OEM ecu due to haveing alot of gremlins i cant get rid of and cant realy figure out, im not looking for somthing that wil make me have to sell my left kidney to buy.

Main problem is the typical RB problems witch woud sugest plugs, MAF and coils, but all have been changen (and plugs gaped).

Its probebly a sensors that is fucking up everything for me but cant realy figure it out from the NDSI app.

Swapping to a Manual transmission is not realy in the cards atm.

Any sugestions and help is apresiated

Couldnt you piggyback the essentials ? leave the stock ecu in the car and "steal" some info like CAS sensor signals and ECT etc

just use the aftermarket ecu to control coils and injectors. Be careful with pullups etc when double using signals

Have been thinking of that, but not to sure what to use, and/or if it will work.

If you have some suggestions to what i can look into it wold be awesome!

Would also like something with a map sensor, since the RB MAF is't really the most reliable thing in the world.

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