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In the process of finishing my car and been looking at safety equipment to buy such as helmets , seat belts , bucket seat etc. . My question is since there is a lot of counterfits out there these days ragardless of brand how would I be able to tell the real deal from the fakes ?

Also I have come across some brands that are not big name (at least to me) how would I be able to see if they will be fitting for my application .

At the moment not looking for anything serious as it will be only track days but you never know .


First, well done on thinking of your safety, many people are just concerned with going fast and will even remove a lot of vehicle structure for 'lightening'. My view is that physics doesn't care if you're in a race, or just hooning on a track day, if you roll or hit a barrier at 100mph without safety equipment the result is going

The best place to purchase safety equipment is from a reliable, big name motorsport specialist, or directly from the manufacturer as some have on-line shops - some options may be a little more expensive, but it's cheaper than getting hurt, or worse.If you haven't already done so, join a car club that's relevant to what you want to do, or to your vehicle, and see where they advise you shop.

Some of the counterfeit stuff may be significantly cheaper, sometimes offered 'on sale' or 'discounted', have poor quality stitching, badly printed labels, etc. but some is very well made and trick to spot. You may be able to find a guide on-line on how to spot different manufacturers' genuine parts and the fake stuff - some manufactures actually have it on their web sites.

There are some companies that seem to be less well known in some markets, but may be very well known in others - while it may be a warning sign, it may just be down to markets.

I'm not sure what the economy is like now in Greece, but at one point it was hard to import stuff from some countries, hopefully it's settling down now.

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