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Saying Hi from the UK

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Hi Guys

OK so i am a HPAcademy Veteran all be it i dont use the forum that much, but When Ben sent me an intro offer for this course i could not turn it down. being in to car building as well as tuning this second site looks exciting... cant wait to see what you guys have in store.

If you have not guessed from my profile picture I am in to Rotaries... yes your all probbly going to tell me i am weird and i dont car.

From Essex in the UK and have been a rotorhear for well over 10 years now :P

Hey Aston, great to have you join us! We're really excited about the content we have planned for Racecraft and we're sure that the courses will help a lot of people. And don't worry, we have a couple of FD3S X7's here in the shop too so we don't think you're weird.

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