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I am going to ask something dumb but in terms of corner weight balancing scales what would your thoughts be on buying a professional generic scale 300kg each and use those ? Cost wise it is a lot less (at least in my country) starting at 70€ each , while buying an intro pro car scale starts at 900€+ .

I know I won't have the percentages display etc as a professional car weight scale but with a pen and paper and a little bit of math I believe I can figure it out .

Not dumb at all! I would do something like that if my shop didn’t have professional scales. 300kg might not be enough depending on the weight of the car and how the weight is distributed front to rear. A typical front engine car weighing 3000 lbs(1350ish kg) will have an individual corner weight of around 900 lb(410 kg) in the front and 600lbs(272kg) in the rear.

I believe that my car should be around the 1200kgs if not less as there has been a little bit of reduction . But even so I do not mind getting a 400kg scale and trying that . Will give it a go once the corner weight videos are up and have a proper idea of doing it

There are some articles and/or youtube videos where bathroom scales are used (and considering that bathroom scales are about US$10). But I think one youtube video used 10 bathroom scales. So, probably 3 on each wheel on the end of the car which was heavier.

Wait, let me google the video...


And there are other articles/videos; that's just one of them.

No reason why you can't do it with appropriate scales rather than a professional corner weighting system. As you've highlighted, there are limitations in terms of calculating cross weights but that's nothing you can't do manually. Repeatability and structural integrity of the scale is probably the key thing to look out for.

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