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What would be the ideal way to bolt a racing seat belt ? Either in a street car where you still keep the rear seats or a race car where everything is removed .

Also in terms of brands since there are the very common/known brands such a sparco sabelt takata but as well non mainstream brands that would be ideal for the job . How can you tell if they are counterfeits or genuine ?

Thank you .

Hey Dimitrios, so when it comes to mounting a racing harness, my first thing would be to see if it is possible to anchor the belts to the roll cage (this wont involve any additional bolting/welding). If you don't have a cage, then you need to use the manufacturer recommended seat belt anchors and connect them to the floor of the car, preferably in a structurally strong area (no rust). I would also say go for a 5 point harness and not a 4 point harness as they are much safer. There's a great link here that explains in more detail what you should be aiming for https://www.flamecrusher.com/safety-seat-belts

For brands of belts, I'd say to stick to the known brands and always purchase from a reputable distributor. When you receive any belts, always check for the correct branding labels and there should be a label to say it is fit for use, and whether it is FIA certified.

Hope this helped


Thank you Matt for the reply .

I was looking into getting a 6point seat belt but at the same time keeping the oem seat belt as at this time my vehicle is an all in one . Daily driven and getting prepared for the track (wife and kids complain a little bit of the stiffness but we all have to make sacrifices lol) .

In such a case since the race seat belts need more points to bolt on to would it be better to drill out where the seat belts have to mount and reinforce that area ?

Thank you

Hi Dimitrios, no problem!

Sounds like the wife and kids don't appreciate a well setup race car!

So for mounting seat belts to the floor, if you're drilling mounting holes, make sure that you are doing so in an strengthened area. Usually the floor will be ok, just be sure to use large washers or mounting plates to bolt to. If you're keeping the original seat belt in as well then you can usually mount one of the lap belts to the existing bolt through the OEM seatbelt mount.



Keep in mind a OEM seat will typically not allow a 5 or 6 point harness, due to the requirement for the anti-sub belt to pass through the bottom of the seat.

If you are planning on using a harness on a 4 seater vehicle without a cage, Schroth offers a quick-fit system that latches to the rear seat belt receptacles along with the OEM driver receptacle and a short latch belt that you attach at the OEM seat belt mounting point.

This looks to be a good solution for what you are describing


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