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Split Front Spring Rates

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DISCLAIMER: LTO Application (i.e. left turn only not to be confused with lettuce / tomato / onion)

E.g. a set up with 300 LF / 600 RF vs 450 LF / 450 RF.

Corner entry / braking I can understand the effects of split front spring rates. However, at steady state cornering as it relates to LLTD, is there much of a difference in front vs rear roll stiffness?

On the face of it, without going into it in detail, I'd maybe expect a little increase in the net roll from jacking, and so a little more resistance?

In steady state cornering, about the only time it could be useful is if one wants to run a front splitter/dam as close as possible to the track surface and you can't run on the bump stops - the stiffer outer would restrict compression under later loads to hold the splitter off the surface, and the softer inner will allow compression from downforce/centrifugal loading?

Can you give some examples of where and why you want to try it?

For LTO, that setup is going to provide more load (traction) on the inside rear tire, as the load transfer distribution is going to carry more of the lateral load transfer on the RF. So, it will push (understeer), but give you more acceleration capability.

For my low-powered sports racers on banked tracks we often ran a heavier RR to "free up the car", and found we didn't lose as much speed to scrub.

But for a high-horsepower car, perhaps that's not as important as being able to put the power down on corner exit and your setup is going to give you that.

Gord's point is valid this could be an advantage if there is a significant aero reason to reduce the roll.

Thanks for the replies gents. Aero not really a factor for this car. In regards to examples, we go from tracks with flat sweeper turns where you have heavy entry breaking, pickup smooth and early, and then go to high banked bull rings where you roll in with moderate braking but need to set and hard throttle drive off.

That being said, I feel we are at a pretty good steady state situation currently, so thinking how best to optimize for entry / exit based on track configurations. For the heavy braking flat sweepers, I'm thinking a more even split would be better considering there's minimal effect on front / rear stiffness.

Clarification on a spring rebound, AIUI, a softer spring is going to unload faster than a heavier spring with the same load, is that correct?

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