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Subaru BRZ DBW Pedal wiring

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Hi All, I have a 2013-1015 BRZ drive by wire pedal that I'm intending to use with a Haltech 1500. Does anyone have the wiring pin-out for the 6 pin connector? So far all that i have found online is the below, but I do not trust it.

Pin 1 5V DC

Pin 2 Sensor GND

Pin 3 DBW - APP2

Pin 4 5V DC

Pin 5 Sensor GND

Pin 6 DBW - APP1

Thanks for your help.

From the documentation I have seen (factory wiring diagram), what you have listed is correct. Why do you not trust it?

Thanks David, Pinout came from random forum post. Having a second confirmation gives me more confidence.

uh, that's a factory wiring diagram...

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Thanks David,

All I had was that Snapshot, the exact diagram is shown on page 108. Can you please confirm what you have provided is for the 2013 to 2015 model?

It may have been from a 2016, but I bet that is the same.

I would just hook it up on the bench and try it. You will then know if it's correct.

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