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Subaru STI Stock Location Turbo Selection

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Hey Guys,

Just in the process of trying to decide upon a stock location turbo for my STI and Im curious if anyone has any input on what turbos they might recommend or whether they've had any experience with any of the ones on my shortlist.

At the moment Im looking at the following:

- Blouch 16GXT: 41 lb/min - Comp: 48.3/64.3 - Turbine: 55.5/49 - Blade: TD05H - 8CM Housing

- Cobb 20G: 44lb/min - Comp: 52.5/68 - Turbine: 55.8/49.5 - Blade: TD05H - 8CM Housing

- Blouch 20GXT: 47lb/min - Comp: 52/68 - Turbine: 63/54 - Blade: TD06HA? - 8CM Housing

- FP Green UHF: 61/lbmin - Comp: 54.8/76 - Turbine: 63/54 - Blade: 5+5 UHF - 8CM Housing

Otherwise the car will have a stock block, full bolt ons + supporting fuel system etc and tuned on 91 octane. My main priorities is just something fun to rip around on through twisty roads and maybe a track day or two. Ideally not too much lag but I do also tend to keep the car driving around 3000rpm+ when Im enjoying the car so perhaps that doesn't matter so much? Based on that Im kind of leaning more towards the 16GXT for quick spool but Im a bit worried that it might not feel like that much of an upgrade from the OEM turbo.

If anyone has any input on this or anecdotal experience on what worked well for them for whatever type of driving they like Id be interested to hear!

Heres a few dyno graphs I tried to cobble together of each but its hard to find apples to apples comparisons.

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I've tuned all turbos mentioned. For the most part you can get a feel for the lag vs. max output from the specs you've written.

16g is around 300 RPM later to spool, 20Gs are about 500 RPM, and the Green comes in just a little later.

On 91 with a reasonable tune I'd expect around 40 HP from the 16gxt, 50-60 HP from the 20Gs, 80 or so from the Green on a stock wide style STI TMIC.

In the grand scheme of things they're all pretty small and none of them are slow to spool, but everyone's personal preference is different. If spool is a big concern, perhaps the RPM change estimates I've given will help you decide. If you don't mind selecting the proper gear to run the car over 4000 RPM, then any of them respond well.

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