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Surge Tank setup on a Subaru BRZ Production Car

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Hi all,

Currently looking into installing a surge tank into my production car so I can run the bare minimum fuel for qualifying and racing. It is running the OEM fuel tank, and I'm just wondering how best to plumb this up, as it's a returnless system from the factory.

Is an aftermarket fuel pump hangar like one from Radium required? As this provides a return, can run any pump without a reg and also provides a dedicated venturi pump for transferring fuel from one side of the tank to the other. But it's quite expensive.

Or can it be done simply using the OEM pump setup, and I'm just over complicating the issue?

For instance if I just feed the surge tank with the OEM pump and regulator and feed the return into the filler neck.

Pros: Easy and cheap to do.

Cons: Ideally the lift pump should be running without a regulator so that it acts as a low pressure pump. Less heat. The regulator however is integral and from what I can tell is part of the mechanism which feeds fuel from one side of the tank to the other. So I can't delete it without replacing it somehow. Also concerned that if I leave it as a high pressure pump into the surge tank, the high flow rate will limit the effectiveness of the transfer pump anyway and I'll have the same issue.

Also concerned that feeding the return into the filler neck means aerating the fuel as its not flowing into the bottom of the tank. Have thought about potentially drilling a hole in the top of the sender unit for the passive side and installing a bulkhead connector. Then feeding a fuel line down into the bottom of the tank.

So for anyone who has tackled this, please share your wisdom:)



Apologies for not seeing this earlier.

From your question and parameters, I would suggest the Holley Hydramat would seem to be the ideal solution - https://www.holley.com/products/fuel_systems/hydramat/

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