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i just want to say thank you very much guys for the this incredible gift i am so happy to be a part of HPA this is a great service you guys provide

I agree, it’s been a great experience and the feedback has been very fast from the Hpa side when I’ve asked. Excellent job and I’m really glad this side of things is up and running. Thanks from me too

No problem guys! We really appreciate your support of HPA so this is just a small token of our gratitude.

I'd like to also state my appreciation for all your work.


Same here! At first I thought they changed the name to racecraft to keep us out :) I’m glad your taking care of us!

I can’t wait for more content. Anyway we can get a list of future content?

Great question WR, I'll setup a blog post or article with the future updates list for you all. In the meantime the next two pieces of immediately planned content are:

- Corner Balancing - to compliment the wheel alignment material

- Data Analysis - how to see in your data what changes you might be able to make, and if those changes have indeed had the result you expected.

Data analysis is a big topic, so that's just a nutshell sentence about it there.

Planned but not ready for any production yet is also material on:

- Tyres

- Driver Training

- Brakes

- Roll Cage Design

Let me add to the chorus of thanks. I am really looking forward to taking my skills and knowledge to the next level, and applying this to my own personal road vehicles.

A special thanks to @Taz for prompt responses to emails and sorting out my membership, your help and effort is very much appreciated.


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