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Tyre pressures/Suspension set up

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The podcasts are very informative in general . In the ones with suspension and set up tyre pressures are always mentioned , which is logical . Now this is ''easier'' when you have a track but where and how do you start for a uphill/downhill race (sprint) . Cause lets say its test day and have 3/4passes you will have to go up/down and reverse due to being a sprint race . When its discussed even the time the car comes from full throttle to the pits its valuable time so in a sprint race it will be even more difficult .

The same will apply for the suspension whether we are talking about the ride height or camber etc.

What would be a good starting approach

The good news is the principles really are the same. In some cases at hill climbs you have to make tougher decisions on compromises related to outlier sections of the course like big bumps or areas where you would bottom the car out severely without increasing ride height, but ultimately curbing on a road course or bumps there can urge you towards similar compromises.

In terms of tire pressures, my procedures are the same for time attack and hill climb. I have a setup sheet I used with all the alignment settings, tire start and end pressures etc. and I keep documenting until I determine what's optimal for a given setup and set of conditions. While you may not be able to determine exact tire pressure over the entire course without sensors, between your documentation of conditions and results, data review to see how much grip the vehicle had, driver feedback, you can make more informed decisions on start pressures the more data you gather and review.

Tyre temperature, or how quickly it reaches it's optimum operating temperature will also be a factor. There are tyres specifically designed, and compounded, to reach that quickly - it may also be worth checking those out and any pressure recommendations they can make.

Have you considered using a tyre pressure (and temperature) monitoring valve assembly? They're getting more "affordable" and may offer some useful data for your setting up?

It was a very different vehicle from yours, but I found a wheelspinning start - as many drivers I've watched on YT in the European hillclimbs seem to use - was around a half second slower than a, clutch and throttle, controlled start. Don't know what you're doing, but working on that might give some time saving for you - as even a tenth can mean several places?

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