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So after viewing the 1st webinar which I enjoyed and learned new stuff . I would like to ask the following , how do we check for grip on open road surface ? I mean for hill climb events how would we be able to check for grip the fastest way ? The popular hill climb tracks I believe would have marks on them so would the same logic be applied here ?

Hey Kanjo, thanks for watching, it was my first time on camera so appreciate the feedback!

So hill climbing is a whole lot more tricky than circuit racing when it comes to driving in the wet. Mainly because you won't be able to get those practice laps in as frequently. The levels of grip on a road hill climb can vary, if the track has been wet for a long time, for a number of days for example, then the likelihood of their being any rubber left on the road surface will be pretty low and you'll be able to take the normal racing line. If the track has been dry all morning, with lots of cars doing runs, and then it rains, then yes you're right, the normal racing line will most likely be slippy!

If its your first time on the track and it's wet, but it is your official timed run, then what you need to establish in the first two corners, is whether there is a rubbered racing line on the track or whether there is more grip round the edges of the road. If you can work this out at the start of a run, then the same rule can be applied for the rest of the stage (usually, but not always). So if the normal line is slippy in the first 2 corners, it's likely the normal line will be slippy the whole way up. The same rule applies to what I mentioned in the webinar, where you want to 'V' the car and try and accelerate in as straight a line as possible when the road is wet.


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