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Which turbo?

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Which turbo should I use:

G30-900 1.06 twin scroll T4 or

G35-900 1.06 twin scroll T4 ?

And what power should I expect?

And anything else should I know?

On street use 3.4 2jz vvti +bmw dct, gsc s1 cams, shimless buckets, gsc valve train, pocket port, 95octane(e10)


If you let us know how much power you want to make, powerband you're hoping for, how the vehicle will be used, then we can better suggest one turbo or the other.

Both can work on that engine, G35 will certainly make more power, and spool slightly slower if you use the same A/R exhaust housing on each as the G35 one will be larger.

I'm not chasing most power, whatever realistically possible, as much as I could squeeze out on pump fuel, and I'd sacrifice some for response and drivability for street use.

Well, the g30 exhaust side will respond a little better but make a little less power, and the g35 exhaust side will respond a little slower, but make more power. I personally think the G35 would be worth it to reduce heat and exhaust pressure to improve power potential on that relatively low octane pump fuel, but you might be happier with the little better response of the G30.

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