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1967 GTO 400

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Now that HPA has helped me fix the trigger errors on my son's 240sx and have taken the dive into learning how to program a Link ECU, I have got the tuning bug.

Now I want EFI in my car! 1967 GTO 400

Is it as simple as getting a Holley EFI Sniper Quadrajet


and a Sniper EFI HyperSpark Distributor kit?


Thanks for the help!

Hello this will work fine but they do not really give you the same out come as a Link would, what a cool project to do with a wire in link storm or extreme ecu

Regards Ross

Yeah I was wondering about the Holly’s limitations. I was assuming the holly stuff must give fuel and spark tables. If that’s the case then I would guess I have control of what I need. I wonder if it’s using a built-in map sensor or what it’s doing there.

I would love to wire in a Link though. I studied everything I could on triggers and grounding but I’m new to all this. What do you feel are the limitations of the Holly stuff compared to wiring in a Link?

Yeah it has integrated MAP and IAT so it would seem it has everything it needs to be fully programmable if they let you. I need to do more googling.

Wow, check this tuner guy video out. The Sniper seems to give you full control as well as some learning functions to get you in the ballpark while on the dyno.


I have worked with a Holley EFI system on my dyno. We did put it in learning mode, and just used the speed control on the dyno to hit all the cells. I can't imagine a faster way to tune a fuel map.

Yeah, Dave, I can see how that would be a great help. It seems to then offer all the customization you would want after that.

I probably won't get to this for a few months but when I do, I'll post some videos of my progress.

Unless there are other suggestions I should look at?

And of course, I'll be looking to upgrade the intake manifold as well.

I thought I'd commented before.

Anyway, I'd suggest holding fire on the throttle body until you've decidied on the whole package, as the 4150 base HOLLEY option will give you a lot more manifold options that the spread-bore QJ flange.

Thanks, Gord. I was looking at that one.

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