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4G63 Manley piston ring recommendation

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Hi all,

Just after some advice on piston ring gap.

I am using Manley 85.5mm pistons for my 4G63 build. Goal is to run 400-450kw atw with FP Black or GTX3576. It'll be mostly street driven and occasional track days.

This sheet was included with piston ring gap recommendations from Manley.

Which application would I suit best? I noticed that Manley recommends top and second to have the same gap. However, second ring is normally larger than top ring according to other manufacturers. What would you recommend?

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With my own experience with the 4G63 I'd actually be inclined to be around 0.0050" for the top ring and 0.0055" for the second. It seems that Manley are a little conservative on their spec sheet which is understandable.