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4G63 Oil Squirters Hitting the Bottom of Piston Skirts

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Hi Guys! I have an issue where the bottom of the piston skirt is hitting the oil squirter really bad. I'm surprised to run into this problem because I'm just building a simple 2.0 stock stroke motor (Wiseco 1400HD E85 Pistons and Manley Turbo Tuff Rods). Has anyone else encountered this problem? I read that some people bend them, but I'm worried that this might crack because the neck is brazed to the body, so it seems a little fragile. Would it be OK if I remove them and plug? Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!

Piston squirters are primarily for a small reduction in knock by cooling the piston. Since you are running E85, knock is less of a concern. I can't speak to the fitment concerns but from that engine performance perspective I say you're fine.

Do you think blocking them would create an issue with increasing oil pressure?

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