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Need to know best forem as want to build 200 +hp abf engine

Sorry I'm not familiar with the abf engine myself. Are you looking for VW enthusiast forums where these engines are commonly modified? Remember that while there are some specifics for each particular engine type, the fundamentals of making power remain the same. In a N/A form you're going to need to look at air flow in and out of the engine and compression. How far you need to go will depend on how bad the base engine is in these areas and how much power you want.

Andre what is your taking on how long to make exhaust on n/a as there alot mist info on that as my understanding is to make it as short as possible and as we are running 45 trottel bodies and 1000cc injectors on methanol and compressin of 15.1 would it help to make exhaust manifold bigger and exhaust bigger and maybe out bonnet as my turbo golf

Exhaust manifold design is a very complex topic and I'm happy to admit it's not my specialty. The runner size and the length of the runners are chosen based on the specifics of your engine. Most of the off the shelf manifolds are designed around what is easy to construct and what fits in the engine bay rather than being the ultimate in performance. As a very general guide, long exhaust runners promote more bottom end performance, while short runners favour high rpm performance.

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