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Assembly lube got behind rod bearing

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I have an ej25 that I am building and when I was putting the rods on the crank, I put some assembly lube on the bearings and put the rods on the crank. I didn’t have time to torque down the rod bolts so I left them loosely on the crank. I torqued down three of them today and I took the fourth one off just to check something and there was lube that seeped in behind the bearing shell, do I need to disassembly the rods and bearing, and clean everything or is it fine? Thanks in advance

Assembly lube is fairly thick, so may not displace very well once torqued. If it was just some light oil, I wouldn't stress.. but probably worth cleaning and reassembling for peace of mind.

There's actually a RealSt video which addresses this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAt-fkTntjE

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