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Big end bearing clearance weird readings

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Hey, i came across some strange readings while measuring clearances on an engine...

My clearance target is 0,0020-0,0025 inch. i torque my bolts in spec and i measure the clearance perpendicular to the parting line in the bearing cap i have the desired clearance... Always just for curiosity i measure clearances also closer to parting line. With oem bearings i have very small variations maybe non between the 2 points. But this time i choose same aftermarket performance bearings, the difference in clearance on two points go bigger, way bigger. Its almost double before the parting line (0.004 inch) . Should this concern me??? Will that affect the oil pressure???

(The rods are brand new and perfecly round when torqued)

That is quite normal, I believe the primary reason* is it gives more protection against the sides losing clearance, even 'pinching' the journal, under high loads where the bearing bore may distort slightly, making the bore slightly "0" shaped.

*Be interested if anyone has an official reason?

The eccentricity in bearing is common in some aftermarket bearings like king.. Under high load the rod stretches and the eccentric bearing help in better support. My main concern is that i think the difference on my rod bearing is so big that will affect oil pressure...

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