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Crank Balancing - is this method considered normal?

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Hi all,

I have had a rotating assembly balanced on the engine I am building and was hoping someone with a bit more exposure could shed some light if

this form of weight removal is normal. Haven't spoken to the machinist yet as I didn't want to create an issue if there was none.

They have taken material from the big end tip, seems odd to take it from there and concerned the cranks ability to secure the rod may have been compromised as its a boosted engine. Could this be because the rods/piston/pins are a bit lighter than OE?





As the alternative would be to add "heavy metal" to the counterweights - which is a quite expensive job requiring specialist equipment - and it will have no adverse affect on the crankshaft strength, nor the bearing life, I would be perfectly happy with the material being removed like that.

Right way to do it. Looks like good work.

awesome, thankyou appreciate it

Absolutely normal, seems like good work.

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