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Discovered damage on EJ20 block after machine work

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So I brought my CDB EJ20 to the machine shop and had them bore and hone the cylinders (torque plate used and case bolted together) as well as balance rotating assembly, check and hone rods after ARP rod bolts, polish crank, they also resurfaced the block. Anyways I stopped by to pick it up on the way home from work yesterday evening and the had everything packed up in the wooden box that I brought it in. Today I got everything out on the table and saw 2 large gouges in the main bore. What can I do to if anything to remedy this? Can I deburr it and smooth it? Does it now need a main rebore?

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What's most dispicable is that at least one person there KNOWS they did that! First thing you need to do is contact them and make clear your dis-satisfaction with the work - on that, I'd also carefully go over the work they were supposed to have done, to make sure it was done properly.

The correct thing would be to align bore/hone the mains*, but if you HAD to use it you MUST make sure there is NO part of the dings that is proud of the surface the bearing shell fits into - this is because it will force the bearing into contact with the journal and destroy the engine. You may get away with carefully removing the proud material - if you go that way, double check as you're removing the raised part with some engineer's blue as you trial fit the shell during the process - if it isn't an even colour transfer there's still a high spot holding the shell away from the bore. I would definitely advise against trying it unless you were unable to get it align honed and you were very confident in your ability to do it.

There's other damage visible in the pictures, too, suggesting it was dropped at some point.

*if you're using ARP studs/bolts this is required, anyway, because the cases distort under the higher clamp loading and the out of shape bores will cause bearing failure.

Had some sleep, and realised I forgot an important point - the irregularities may cause cracking - get it crack tested in the areas first, as if there is a crack it'll need to be taken care of first.

It should be under compression, so I wouldn't expect it to be a big concern, though.

Hopefully others with more experience will comment, and correct if required.

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