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Ej205 engine

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Good greeting for all,

Kindly I need your support to inform me what kind of mods, parts & turbo in details that I need to build an Ej205 up to 400 HP or 500 HP.

The car is Gc8 wrx 1999

My budget is not that much,

I will use a standalone ecu.


I would love to be able to belt off a bunch of easy, let alone cheap mods to push those numbers. However without a large budget, you are wasting your money.

I wish, and thousands of other subaru guys too, that there was a cheap solution to your answer. If your budge doesnt have at least xx,xxx.00 range its not gonna work out too well. Buy once cry once is something to really consider with subarus. Being its a Gc8 chassis im guessing you also dont want to kill the car.

Lets say you can manage to get big enough injectors1000+, high flow fuel pump(s), reliable standalone ecu, much larger turbo - prob rotated, front mount intercooler setup, meth or corn juice setup etc. What about the transmission and all the other associated components like the rear end? Im a subaru fan boy, have owned at least a dozen subaru's turbo and NA... being realistic it will not be reliable in any form. Best course of action would be to start small with airflow, and tuning. Add larger turbo, injectors, front mount etc and continue to build as the budget allows.

If you had no budget limit and the realistic course would be to get a sleeved or pre built short block like IAG or something similar and build from there. I personally know people who have spent 15k to have a "reliable 400hp". Can those cars put out 500? Easily. Do they want them to last and not sink more money, yes.

Go to Nasioc and they have pinned threads specific to this question that gets asked thousands of times.

May not be the answer you want, but I know too many people who have blown up countless motors for less lofty goals. ($$$$$$)

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