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Engine stand 2JZ mounting bolt size and length

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What size and length bolts are needed to mount the 2JZ block to the engine stand?I think the stock bolts are 12mm(M12)x1.25 pitch and 4 inches long.The stand side is 70mm long.

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I may be missing something here, but I'd suggest taking the bellhousing bolts and finger tightening them in place, mark the thread so you know what the engagement is, then remove them and measure the thread engagement. Add the minimum to the 70mm, or so, of the longest of mounting tubes, and that'll tell you the maximum they can be. Either use the nearest bolt size that's on the short side of that and/or use washers to take up the clearance - good practice to use at least one.

For the thread diameter and pitch, take a bolt along with you to the hardware store to confirm the thread is correct.

I would expect 100mm bolts, with washers, will be about right.

Gord thank you for offering great help to so many members!

Another option, that may be easier and simpler, is to take a bell-housing bolt along and get a length of threaded rod to match, and a few washers and nuts. You can hand thread the rod into the block and cut off with 20-30mm more length than needed, for each attachment point. That way you have no concerns with damaging the head by forcing the fastener into it, or stripping a thread because of insufficient engagement, because it's the nut taking up the travel.

Thanks, Mike, not an "expert", more an experienced (I was a senior mechanic some decades ago, before some injusries, and done some other engineering/fabrication work since) "lay-person" trying to be an intermediate between the beginner and the actual "experts".

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