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Evo 8 , automatic transmission

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I'm working on Evo 8 , drag car 3.5 bar off boost made 900whp on mainline Dyno .

It has a dogbox transmission and H pattern stick .

Car made 9.2 second in 1/4 on semi slick tires on street road . Carb weight is 920 kg .

0-100 km in 2.6 seconds and 100-200 k. 3.2 second .

2nd run we lost the transmission housing and some other parts inside the diff and LSD .

So , I am thinking if i can find an automatic transmission awd suits this application .

Give give me your opinion what is the best for this car .

I don't want spend more $ on this manual transmission .

Thank you

So far I am yet to see anyone have success with a modified production auto in the EVO platform. All of the fast EVOs tend to run the PPG 4 speed dog box. I've run this in my own car as well as the EVO 9 we built that held the world record with 8.34 @ 170 mph. I've never had a failure of the transmission housing so I suggest something else may have been wrong. With 900 whp and 920 kg (that's an amazing curb weight for a CT9A chassis by the way!) you should have no trouble with the gearbox reliability.

Hello Andre

Thank you for your reply .

Sorry I didn't mention the chassis is Mitsubishi Colt shell .

Yes I searched and didn't find auto transmission suits my application .

I'm thinking to add a gear control unit with a air paddles shifter , what do think ? Does it help ?

Plz check attached photos

Thank you much my mentor

You can add paddle shift however this really requires a sequential transmission to start with so it's all about how much you're prepared to pay. I used a PPG 4 speed as mentioned above and modified an Ikeya sequential shifter to convert from H pattern to sequential. On a customer car we used the same setup and added an air ram that was actuated off a steering wheel mounted button to change gears. The product we created 'STM Ghost Shifter' can be seen here - [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cB9VETVjlDU]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cB9VETVjlDU

Before you ask, these aren't available now unfortunately.

Further to Andre’s point we only tend to see OEM transverse auto transmissions in low powered or economy cars so typical torque limits are 300-500Nm. You’ll also find that the TCU is heavily integrated into the ECU power train model as the TCU actually controls the torque delivery from the engine during a shift. Best to go for a proven solution.

I guess you could run an automatic, but as has been said there's nothing readily available that could handle a fraction of that torque. If you REALLY wanted to go that route, you're going to be looking an an almost entirely custom build. As André said, best option is going to be a sequential manual transmission, maybe air shifted.

[edit] Maybe adapt a DSG from a VAG vehicle, but don't recall the engine/gearbox orientations?

With the failure, are you sure it was the case that failed and took out the rest, rather than the other way round? I don't know of any company making billet gearbox casings/housing but I would ecpect it is well within the abilities of a competent machining company to measure up the stock part and then make a billet up - but mucho $$$s!

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