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First oil dump after break in

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Is it normal to find the oil has a metallic sheen to it after a new build first oil change?. Very very fine dust like material . I did a lot of oil porting to the block (aluminium) and cleaned it out as best I could, wondering if it has come from this. Oil pressure is good. Engine is dead quite aside from a little noise from the cam buckets. One problem I ran into before the initial start up was way too much fuel entering the cylinders.. which increased the oil volume. Hoping it didn't dilute the engine oil too much, SAE30 weight oil.

Yes this is normal and can be alarming. You will end up with a lot of fine material from the rings bedding against the freshly honed cylinders and this can give the oil a metallic look. Of course if you're seeing any large chunks of material then this is cause for alarm. If you're worried the . I'd recommend cutting the oil filter open and inspecting the filter material itself. in particular you want to inspect the pleats of the filter looking for any pieces of copper bearing material.