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Making the FB20 more alive

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Hey guys,

I have a 2012 Subaru Forester NA, these engines are known to use oil because of the bad rings from factory.

I am planning on doing a full rebuild soon.

Now I was wondering if anybody has any experiences in making these engines more torqy or a little faster through the revs?

I have been looking to the other FB20 engines from these years but I already have the biggest set of cams that came in these engines from factory as far as i know.

Is there something else besides good rings, a good valve job and nice flowing headers i should be looking for when i rebuild?

It is my daily so swapping to an turbo or compressor engine is not in the picture. Just looking for some small adjustments to make the engine more alive.

Kind regards Coy Onderdelinden!

A lighter flywheel will let it rev more freely, but also makes the engine feel less torquey.

Experience with these engines is that they are pretty close to their limits from the factory, and to get much more from them it is either a full rebuild with higher CR pistons and other supporting mods, or external adders such as turbo/super charging and/or nitrous. Rebuilding the engine with higher CR pistons might gain you ~10% more power and torque.

Which gearbox do you have in the Forester?

+1 for Stephen's comments, keeping in mind you'd need sufficient octane and a method of tuning to take advantage of and make the engine reliable with higher compression.

Alternatively, I'm a fan of 6 cylinder Subaru swaps so if you were going to put an ECU in to tune it anyway, I'd put a stock EZ36 in vs. building a 2 liter NA engine.

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