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Need some help with some trick pickup sensor placement

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This maybe a newb question but I was wondering if one could take apart a distributer and weld in two toothed wheels for both home and cam signal, given that one uses a dial indicator to make sure both wheels are in balance. I would like to use 2 hall effect sensors and am working on an old ka24e and mounting a wheel to the crank would be a major headache. I realize this is not ideal but I'm also wanting to stay in budget options and opinions are welcome.

Hi Eban it is no problem, for sure a crank trigger is better but we do what we do aye

Regards Ross

Thank you very much for your quick reply I greatly appreciate your input

Also, most modern ECU's will allow you to use a missing tooth wheel at cam speed for full sequential. So if yours does you could just stick with a single sensor and get a 12-1 or similar wheel cut.

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