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Re-torqueing head studs (heating engine)

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I wanted to know from people with experience, I have always been told re-torqueing head fasteners is a good idea after putting an engine together. On certain engines that is extremely hard without tearing down timing components and removing camshafts i.e. Nissan VR38, VQ35 etc. The practice I'm familiar with on the VR38 or VQ35's that we were building to achieve around 1kwhp. Is torque heads on engine stand, use a heater facing engine to heat engine assembly to try and simulate an engine that has run that had temp in it. Then re-torque cylinder heads to block, then install timing components, camshafts etc. Has anyone done this process, is it a step that is a waste of time. Just trying to learn and see if other engine builders have been doing this or if there is a better or more accurate method.

Hello Marcus i have many years experience with most modern engines around the 1100 hp and under I very rarely retorque and engine unless I know they move

older style v8 engines i always did up until about ten years ago but not now, i found most just don't seem to move maybe its the modern materials used in fasteners I'm not sure

Regards Ross

As Ross said, modern technology has moved on a lot - especially in the field of head gaskets for very high cylinder pressure engines. Unless there's a known problem, I'd stick to the gasket manufacturers' recommendations for retorqueing (most actually state it isn't required) and those of the fastener's manufacturer for the torque and thread lubricant. Certainly, exceptions may be expected to be made in specific cases, but I don't expect there to be many.

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