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Scratch on bearing

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I was taking a bearing out of my con rod when I was measuring out the bearings, and when removing it, the con rod scratched the back side of the bearing (pic below). I can barely feel it with my fingernail, can I still use it? Thanks in advance!

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I would not be concerned.

I wouldn't be either...

The back of the entire shell looks pretty badly finished, IMO - is it a reputable brand?

It's hard to be sure from the picture which way the scratch goes, but as even a very small amount of raised material will affect the way the shell sits in the bore, I'd at least run an oilstone or carefully a very fine file, to make sure there wasn't a high spot.

Failing that, a VERY thin smear of bearing, or engineer's, blue on the bore surface and checking the transfer to the shell will help spot irregularities.

Thanks for the replies!! Also, Gord, these are the coated King Racing bearings so I would hope they are good haha. My gloves had some oil on them so it probably just looked like an uneven finish on camera.

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