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Should head studs be staying finger tight? Is there a trick to this?

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Well I’ve taken the head off again and now that I have of course none of the ARP studs are in the block finger tight anymore how I installed them.

Is there a trick to this?

I clean and chase the treads. Then the instructions are to bottom out the studs finger tight. But seems like when you open it up later they are all more tight. Is that typical or what am I doing wrong?

You put force on them and heat - the treads get a bit oxygen reacted and less smooth to unbolt

Remember, when you torque down the nuts on the studs, a large part of that torque is being transferred to the studs by thread friction, so it isn't unexpected that they are tightened int ot he block. It may be expected that loosening the nuts will 'unwind' the studs in return, but it may not happen.

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