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Thread sealing compound for main gallery

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What loctite product would people recommend for the main oil gallery plug ? On my engine (BMW M52) it’s tapered threaded plug. With one end under the cam chain case and the other plug behind the fly wheel.

I have been recommended loctite 574 of which I have some of.

just wanted to gather some more opinions.



That should work well, just use a little so it doesn't extrude and wash out.

They do make sealants, but don't see anything that really stands out as a preference to what you have - https://www.henkel-adhesives.com/si/en/products/industrial-sealants/thread-sealants.html

Great, thanks for that!

Just tried to put these in and noticed the grub screw/sealing plug goes in a lot further than it did when i removed it, even just if you install the plug by hand!

i have checked another engine block i have and sure enough as soon as you remove the sealing plug and then re install it (a lot of loctite on it from factory) it goes in much further than before the plug was removed.

Issue is that by going in much further than before it partially blocks the feed to the main bearing!

As a test i have 648'd one in in the correct position, but i dont feel comfortable without it mechanically tight.

Does anyone have any ideas on why this might be? maybe i try and find a tapered m12 sealing grub screw....



Have you tried a new gallery plug? In my experience (professional classic performance engine building) gallery bungs are always best to be replaced once they have been removed. Especially if they are a dissimilar metal to the engine block. Though I have no direct experience on BMW M52 engines so cannot speak specifically on those.

I use Loctite 574 in gallery bungs and have done for years. Works very well in my experience.

hope you sort it.

Thanks for the reply.

I have found some interesting info on this.

Spoke with a BMW engine specialist and they say that they put them in finger tight to the correct height and let the loctite do the holding and sealing.

Now I wasn’t hugely happy without it being mechanically tight, so sourced some tapered bungs, turned them down to the correct height and fitted them with 648.

fingers crossed!

BMW do still sell them, but they are on back order. They come pre loaded with loctite….

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