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Wastegate location question

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I'm building a Civic EK with a Pulsar G40 turbo, so the space is very very limited. I'm trying to build everything my self, so I'm fabricating my own top mount manifold. I'm going for small runners and a divided setup.

I'm also running full size radiator with mishimoto race fan and a 4" downpipe. And also 2x 45mm wastegates. So the space is extremly limited at this point.

So my question is: How important is the wastegate location?

Please take a look at the first picture. This was my last setup where I "relocated" the WG. As you can the tube from collector to the wg is quite long. Is there any big disadvantages with this? Other than it will be harder to controll the boost? My logic is to use 2 big wastegate(45mm) so I compansate for this.

Because I will needing to use long tubes before wastegate in order to make space for them.

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I'd be more concerned with priority flow into the pipe leading to a gate, and through that pipe (no sharp bends), than pipe length. If setting it off to the side lets you feed it better, go for it.

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