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Hi im having trouble tuning this car for a customer. Customer bought the car and didn't know what he had. I found injector data for the car and it wasn't far off of the base file that I pulled off the car. My problem is it has an SCT MAF and the tables im looking at are in ACD? I have no idea what this is, the usual values ive delt with is in Volts. So im data logging and comparing the fuel trims against the MAF and low rpm im in the -20's and 2500rpm and up in positive 20's. The issue im having is I don't know on the MAF where to take away 20 percent or add 20 percent. Im using HP tuners MPVI2.


Can you post a screen shot of the MAF calibration tables? I haven't dealt with much Ford MAF tuning using SCT but I'll assume that the table axis is an analogue to digital conversion. I'd be carefully examining the available PIDs to see what you can scan that's relevant to the axis. Is there any reason you're using HP Tuners to scan instead of SCT? I've found that the definitions provided by HP Tuners are not that good for the older Ford vehicles and SCT is superior/more complete.

I don't have SCT software so I figured I would give HP tuners a shot. Attached are the tables.


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