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Good morning all. I have a 1jz head on a 2jz block, bc cams, 36-2 2jz crank trigger wheel, GM iat, aem fuel pressure sensor, stock throttle body, direct fire stock coils with no coil driver, and direct fire id1700 injectors. The trigger offset is set to 60. I have the timing locked to 10 degrees. The car coughs and stumbles but does not fire. The afr is only tracing down to about 1 lambda but I have the cranking pulse set to 4ms which I believe to be very high for these injectors. Does anyone have any insight into what might be happening.

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Have you put a timing light on the engine to actually confirm the timing is what you think it is? Have you confirmed firing order of the coils is correct? Without knowing exactly what injectors you have fitted, 4 ms may actually not be enough at idle. I'd try making a large change initially to see what the effect is. Perhaps take that out to 6 or 8 ms and test. If you don't see an improvement though I wouldn't keep cranking the engine as you risk fouling the plugs.