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1.5jz running as if its lean over 12 afr at idle link ECU.

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link g4x fury

Fic 1000 injectors with 43 psi fuel pressure and dead time tables and adder table off of fic website for link ecu.

Base timing set and synced using timing light and even used a dial gauge to confirm actual top dead center and its only off by a degree from the markings on the damper and the lower timing cover marks, set up as 10 degrees ref and offset of 205.

engine runs smooth and has no issues at 11.5 afr at idle but as soon as you lean out to get a stoich idle it starts to act like its lean right at 12 and gets worse the more you go. Double checked trigger polarity and thats correct, as well as confirming that no trims or anything are active in the runtime values. even checked dwell timing for coilpacks and no change when using other settings. the only thing that smoothed it out was changing the offset from 205 down to 195 which sets the timing marks at about 5 degrees and then the engine runs as expected but the timing being unsynced is obviously an issue.

Hello please send me your base map and a log to tech@linkecu.com attention Ross i will take a look tomorrow

Regars Ross

Any chance your wideband needs free-air calibrating? Have you tried a new O2 sensor?

What is the ignition timing at idle? Typically you will need more ignition advance as the mixture goes leaner.

tried free air calibrating using two different gauges and sensors and have the same result.

Whenever I've had issues like this I'll go back to basics, remove all the short pulse width adders and see how it runs, if it's still the same I'd be pulling the injectors and testing them

Have you checked all timing marks alignment?

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